Our fairy tale

You can also help by purchasing our wonderful charity fairy tale.
Part of the funds will be used for buying food for families in need. In addition to purchasing food, you also make a big contribution by becoming part of the Ana’s Little Star movement, bringing people together and restoring true values. Thank you so much!


Charity fairy tale Ana's Little Star

In 2015, we published Ana’s Little Star, a fairy tale that touches your heart. Along with your child’s imagination, it will also inspire yours, bringing back dreams to your daily life that we tend to forget all too soon and too often. It speaks to children of all ages, so it will be enjoyed by your kids, friends, relatives… We want EVERYONE to read it, knowing that we can make positive changes together and that each action and donation can do something good for others and ourselves. Thank you for your support. Thank you for believing in us and sharing our vision

Author: Maja Gal Štromar, Illustrations: Ana Strnišnik, Concept: Ana Lukner Roljić

The price of the fairy tale is €17.00. Over 70% of this amount will always be used to purchase food for Ana’s Little Star, and we will make sure that it reaches those in need.

To purchase the fairy tale, please contact us at [email protected].